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MabSpace has established multiple types of models to assess the in vivo efficacy of the immuno-therapeutic antibodies

1) Classic syngeneic models

2) Humanized syngeneic models in which the tumor cells express human PD-L1 e.g. MC38. (see example below)

3) Humannized syngeneic models in which both PD-1 in mice and PD-L1 in tumor cells have been engineered to be human origin

4) PDX tumor implanted in humanized mice resonstituted with CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells 


Additional capability has been established for the evaluation of antibody penetration and receptor target occupany in the tumor




Thereaputic humanized syngeneic models in which MC38 tumor cells express human PD-L1 was treated 

with PD-L1 blocking antibodies (MSB2311 or MPDL-3280A)




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